Should I Get an Abortion?

An abortion may seem like the answer to an unplanned pregnancy. Before you visit an abortion clinic, LC Clinic can help you understand your options.

Abortion is a medical procedure, so you owe it to yourself to get complete information before you decide. We do not provide or refer for abortion services, however, we are here for you no matter what you decide.

What are the risks?

What type will you have?

What are your “patient rights”?      

You have the right to make an informed decision!

If you are considering abortion, here are some things you need to know first:

          If you are really pregnant…
          If your pregnancy is viable

                  (in your uterus with a fetal heartbeat)…
          How far along you are…

At LC Clinic, we can offer you a free limited ultrasound. This free ultrasound will help you know if a “decision” even needs to be made! But if you ARE pregnant, you DO have choices!

Learn more about our Pregnancy Options Education HERE.

Maybe you're thinking:

  • The father is insisting on an abortion
  • I'm not ready to be a parent
  • I can't tell anyone I'm pregnant

At LC Clinic we can help you talk through your unique situation.

Your health and well being are our priority.


Patient Rights
Abortion Checklist
Free Ultrasound
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