CHOICES is an adolescent sexual risk avoidance program reaching students in Jr. & Sr. High. Our curriculum is medically accurate, interactive, and age-appropriate. The students are taught by trained community educators who bring both a passion for students and an in-depth knowledge into the classroom. Our educators teach skills that protect teens from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. This program teaches teens how to handle cultural pressures as well as how they can choose to have a positive and realistic life style that promotes self-control, respect, and responsibility. This program can be individually tailored to the needs of your specific students and class time. 

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Wait4It is a portion of our CHOICES education program. Students are presented with age appropriate information on the risks that go along with having sex before they are in a monogamous relationship, such as a marriage. Our program encourages students to make an educated and informed choice when it comes to their sexual activity.
We also present the students with the concept of "Making A New Start" if they have already made choices they now regret. Everyday is a new day & it is never too late to make a change.